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Thank you so much for having the Animal Aromatherapy Certification Program. After 3 years of using, studying and teaching about the health benefits of essential oils, I wasn't sure how to help people with their companion animals.
I can now tell them what they need to do to support the health and well-being of their companion animal with the same confidence that I do for us human animals!
Leslie MacLardy

The Lightwing Center's Raindrop Technique ® Certification and Minister Practitioner Workshop is quite profound. I attended the program this weekend and walked away with the following profound contributions to my healing jouney:

I highly recommend this class to anyone whether you are beginning to explore holistic healing, new to essential oils, or are an experienced healer or aromatherapist. This ordination provides you with the tools to go out and help change the world!

Reverend Sue Pelechaty, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

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Hi Nancy & Dick,
Thank you for offering the training for Minister Practioner of the LifeSpirit Seminary, Lightwing Center, and Secular Law. The information we learned is so valuable to know and more valuable to share. The space we worked in at the Ambulance Headquarters was very inviting and comfortable, and the size of the group allowed for a nice interaction. I thoroughly enjoy learning from your experiences, expression, and expertise and your no nonsense and caring manner
Love and Light,
Rev Stanlee Palmisano