Hosting a Course

Anyone interested anywhere in the U.S. can host a course. For ordinations and all other courses we need a minimum of 15 people attending.

The coordinator/host for the presentations receives their course free only when there are 15 paid attendees.

Lightwing Center is responsible for rental fees, organic snacks and bottled water for the day. The coordinator/host if purchasing these items is given a maximum amount to spend. They send in the receipts after the course and are reimbursed.

The only times we can keep to a smaller number of people are:

1. Skype - we can split screens (hopefully) and host 3 people per place. That means we need 3 people or more together in one place. And we can have 3 people minimum in another place. Once everyone (minimum 3 per place) have registered and paid in full we send out a package containing the handbooks and the DVD of Ralph Fucetola's presentation (see to get a feel for who he is). We expect your group to be able to view the DVD prior to the course. If not possible then like the in person courses, you will simply see it together on the day of the event.

2. Class being held local to the instructor - if it is within approximately a 2 hour drive then a minimum of 6 people per course is required.